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Centum API Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
CDefaultMemoryManagerThis class is simply a wrapper arround malloc and free
CDefinitionKeeps track of static variables and names for a type of rebi as well as the names of local members and how they should be instantiated
CDllListLinked list node used by the CDllManager class
CDllManagerUsed to load new dlls and return opened dll handles
CLocalContainer for local variables, backpointers, and data that are associated with a CThing
CMemoryTrackerThis class is keeps track of the number of pointers in use so that memory leaks can be detected
CProcessDataThe CProcessData represents the script as a whole
CScopeKeeps track of the state of a single rebi call
CStringManagerThis class keeps the string data for the entire process
CThingSingle rebi in the Centum virtual machine
CThingArrayDynamically sized array that stores CThing pointers
CThingStackThis class is a stack of rebi
ExecutionReturnThe ExecutionReturn struct is used in most cases as the return value of a centum operation
IMemoryPurely virtual class that provides a standard interface for memory allocation and deallocation
Int8ArrayDynamically sized array that stores __int8 type data, which are the same size as chars, (1 byte)
LongArrayDynamically sized array that stores unsigned long type data
PointerArrayDynamically sized array that stores pointer type data
ThingManipulation::SFindThingThe SFindThing structure is used internally by the search functions to look for a rebi
StackObjThis struct is a single node in a CThingStack

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